Protect-N-Shine shields your appliances from scratches and makes your old scratched surfaces shine like new!

Stainless steel can turn any room into a showroom so keep your appliances looking beautiful with PROTECT-N-SHINE, a revolutionary protective Clear-coat that eliminates and prevents blemishes, smudges, and fingerprints. Improve your home’s beauty and value for a fraction of the cost of buying new appliances and cut your cleaning time in half.

Make Cleaning Your Appliances Hassle-Free

Protect Brand New Appliances

Protect-n-Shine can be applied to any stainless steel surface. This clear coating protects from corrosion, salt pitting, rust, and discoloration.

Refinish Existing Appliances

Surface scratches will be removed and then deep cleaned before applying Protect-n-Shine. Steel surfaces will be transformed restoring your appliances to showroom quality.

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