Stainless steel appliances can be an incredibly beautiful part of your home, turning any room into a showroom. But cleaning stainless steel appliances can be a hassle. A child’s dirty fingers, a cook’s greasy hands, spills, and regular household traffic can rapidly diminish their beauty. And after a few times of cleaning and buffing your appliances, it quickly becomes apparent how much work is required to retain the initial luster and shine you fell in love with.

So how do you clean stainless steel without all the hassle? Is there a way to clean stainless steel appliances without having to work on it every week?

The answer is simple: yes.

With Protect-N-Shine, you can have professional-looking stainless steel with much less time spent cleaning. The following are the two main reasons why Protect-N-Shine is the best way to clean stainless steel.

It Requires Little Effort

Although there are many great products made to clean stainless steel, many aren’t as proficient in one area as they are in another. For example, some cleaners suggest water drips will take a longer time to clean or should receive immediate attention when they happen to maintain the appliance’s shine. Other cleaners require more scrubbing or have special procedures that must be followed before they can be applied.

With Protect-N-Shine, the product is applied once by a professional and it’s done. To clean, simply grab a microfiber cloth and wipe the surface. There is no special attention for certain situations, no weekly application, and no need for scrubbing. It makes cleaning stainless steel extremely easy.

It Lasts Longer

Because of the nature of most stainless steel products, it is necessary to apply it every time your appliances get dirty. In a house with home-cooked meals and playing-outside days for your children, that time will come quicker than you think. And with cleaning happening weekly (or more often than that), you’ll find yourself taking frequent trips to purchase the product.

Protect-N-Shine’s product doesn’t suffer from this problem. Once applied, the product lasts 3 to 5 years. The product puts a protective invisible sheet over your stainless steel that protects it from dirt, oils, and other debris. And since you’re using only a microfiber cloth to clean it, the product remains there for a long time, providing continual protection for your stainless steel.

When choosing the easiest and best way to clean stainless steel appliances, Protect-N-Shine is able to offer you more of what you want for less effort. Equipped with only a microfiber cloth, you can keep your whole kitchen looking fresh for years to come.